Samwaad Yatra Day 18: A review meeting in Palakkad

All donations emptied out for counting

On the 19th a review meeting was organized in which several friends of Ekta Parishad from different areas of Kerala participated. The Yatra team submitted a report of key statistics from the Yatra: In Kerala, over 18 days, the Yatra travelled a distance of 2212 kilometers, covering 13 districts. 51 consent letters were obtained from local struggles, organizations and individuals, and Rs 9773 were collected as people’s contribution to the Jansatyagra Donation Pot. During this review meeting, there was also an in-depth analysis of problems faced by Adivasis, Dalits, fisher folks, urban poor and Muslims. The participants discussed the way forward and newer forms of organization that are needed to strengthen the efforts for a second land reform. A detailed report will be shared in a few days. At the state level, the Jeevanopadhik Bhoomi committee (land for livelihood) was formed to take forward the land-reform initiatives in the state.


2 responses to “Samwaad Yatra Day 18: A review meeting in Palakkad

  1. Regarding possible ‘ left over ‘ funds for |Tsunami relief work in Alapad. It may still be that Red Cross International has substantial funds, originally destined for Sri Lanka?
    Following your travels from sunny England – At the next stop, the Idlis are on me – for everyone !
    We will think of you when Ekta Europe meets Nov 5th in soggy Paris – please send Sun (and Idlis – not yet available in Paris !) Maybe we even try to call you on mobile from the meeting??

    Jai Jagat

    Bryan OSBON – AVI / Ekta Europe / Madras Cafe

  2. jansatyagraha

    Yes please do call! we will be happy to hear from you!

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