Tamadi and Ekta Parishad : A Growing Partnership


An idea is often tested when put into action. The partnership between Tamadi and Ekta Parishad was such an idea– providing an innovative approach to tourism that is firmly rooted in social justice, respect and mutual understanding. Since the first group of travellers arrived in February 2010, Ekta and Tamadi have given many visitors  involvement in this spirit of solidarity.
Veronique Dave, part of the Tamadi team visited New Delhi during the last week of September en route to the  villages  of Kosani, in Uttarkhand. She was able to meet with Rajagopal to discuss, reflect and fine tune the relationship between Tamadi and Ekta Parishad. The international co-ordination and communication are crucial to maintain the integrity of  the visions of both Ekta and Tamadi. The discussions were positive and a new agreement was signed, with an intention on both sides to continue developing the project.  As we enter this milestone year of the Samvad Yatra and Jansatyagraha, the  commitment of international solidarity plays an essential part of the whole call to action.
Kathrin Winkler


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