Condolence Message

Dr. Ram Dayal Munda



Dr. Ram Dayal Munda, Rajya Sabha Member and Member of National Advisory Council contributed significantly to the up-liftment of tribal people through his work as a successful teacher and institution-builder. His extensive research in Indian languages and literatures, and in tribal life and peoples of India, made a mark at the international level. He was connected with the movement for the creation of Jharkhand, and also engaged with the world indigenous movement. He has numerous publications to his credit, including several dealing with Mundari songs. Besides Ranchi, he also taught at Tokyo, Syracuse, and Australian National University.

Dr. Munda was one of the closest friends of Ekta Parishad and many movements around the country, who was an inspiration, Guide and Mentor to the thought process, which reflects in the vision and mission of our work. We saw him as an institution for learning on tribal related issues. His contributions to the voluntary are invaluable. Though he is physically not with us today, we feel his presence more with us in our spirits and thoughts.

On behalf of the 500 people from around the country, most of which represent Dr. Munda’s mission express our condolence to the man who taught us, who guided us, we pay our respect to Dr. Ram Dayal Munda.

Thank you

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Ekta Parishad & Support Organizations


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