On  June 7th, thousands of  poor  and   landless  people from  villages   across  Bihar   gathered   in  Patna,   the State capital, to take out a rally and  a public meeting organized by  Ekta  Parishad, in which  representatives of many voluntary organizations and  renowned social workers  participated.   People   claimed   control   over land  and  livelihood, through different demands :

Formation of a special Task force for implementa-tion of  D. Bandhopadhya’s recommendations (the land  reform recommendations in Bihar).

  • Ensuring  10 dismal  homestead land  for  all  home- less families.
  • Recognition of tenant under Tenancy Act
  • Ensuring   forest   land    under  Forest   Rights   Act 2007 for  all tribal families
  • Stop Agriculture land  grabbing for  non agriculture purpose
  • Stop Corruption in pro-poor Development scheme

Bihar,    situated   on   the  south   of   Nepal,   between Jharkhand, Uttar  Pradesh and  West  Bengal,  is  one of the most populated states, but also  one of  the most backward in  terms  of economic  and   social  develop- ment.  30,6%  of  the population  of  Bihar  is  living  be-  low  the poverty  line,  and   30% is  landless.  Problems faced by  the poor  communities  are  numerous in this area. For  example,  as  Jagannath  Mishra,  the former Chief  Minister,  told  it  during  the public  meeting,  the Maha  Dalits,  who  are one of  the poorest  communi- ties,   still   didn’t   received  the  land   they   were  sup- posed to get.  Rajagopal  PV  who   also   attended  the meeting   condemned   the  government   for   favoring capitalist projects and  neglecting the agenda of poor people.  A few  people  are looting  all the  resources in the name of  development,  while  the poor  are being thrown   out from their    land    through violence.    Rajagopal announced that  this Satyagraha  will con- tinue  until the poor get    land in their ownership.


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