Peaceful agitators detained by police in Chhindwara

Around three dozen agitators were reportedly detained by the police as they were protesting peacefully against the proposed Adani Power Project in Chausra village in Chhindwara on Sunday. These agitators were later taken to Amarwada by the police.

Adani Power Company is establishing a 1,320 MW thermal power plant near Chausra village in Chhindwara. The company is planning to utilise Pench river water by constructing two dams across the river. The volunteer organisation Ekta Parishad is alleging that the company is depriving local farmers of irrigation water and land as well.

The volunteer organisation through a statement has alleged that the State Government is acquiring farmers’ land on just Rs 10,000 per acre in the name of public welfare and selling the same to the private party at Rs 13 lakh per acre.

Parishad national convener Ransingh Parmar has alleged that this is grave injustice to the farmers and this is being opposed vehemently. He informed that on Sunday, farmers were agitating peacefully through the panchayat. The police reached the spot and without specifying any reason, detained farmers and volunteers and took them to Amarwada. A volunteer and former MLA, Mahesh Mishra, informed Ekta Parishad about the same after being detained by the police through mobile phone.

Mishra told that the police had detained three dozen persons. Significantly, former legislator Sunilam was severally injured by the ‘goons’ of Adani Power project, alleged Parmar.

He alleged that detaining peaceful agitators is violation of democratic principals. He threatened that Ekta Parishad would launch an agitation if such incidents are not prevented



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