Satyagraha Against Focefully Land Aquisition in Posco Project

Ekta Parishad and several civil societyorganisations of Odisha including Odisha Nagarik Samaj[ONAS] OdishaJanasameelani, Lok Shakti Abhiyan ,Gandhamadan Yuva Parishad etc. staged aweeklong Satyagraha against illegal land encroachment and atrocities onanti-posco villagers of the proposed SouthKorean Posco project in Jagatsinghpur district of Odisha.

The Dharana started from 17thJune 2011 at Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Bhubaneswarand culminated on 22nd June 2011, the day in which the MOU was signedbetween the Odisha Govt. and POSCO has been completed six years.

Mr P.V.Rajagopal, eminent Gandhian, member ofNational Land Reform Council and President of Ekta Parishad addressed thepublic including media after visiting the proposed project site. In his speechhe vehemently opposed the illegal land acquiring process by the Odisha Govt.and told the movement against the proposed project by villager is purelynon-violent means but the district administration and police is continuously oppressingon the people who are denouncing to hand over their land to the South KoreanSteel Plant. The govt. is violating its own forest rights laws; he suggestedthe Odisha govt. the land acquisition should be stopped and cancel the MOU immediately.Answering a question of media person about the involvement of children in the protest,he clarified no violation of child rights if the children protest with theirparents to save their livelihood. It’s a kind of new training for them to savetheir livelihood by restoring their land, cited few examples how children wereparticipated in the freedom struggle.

The enigma of allowing privateport, captive mines and SEZ for a foreign company like POSCO needs to be disclosedpublicly by the State Govt. where no single instances has seen in case of any nationalizedsteel ventures questioned Manoj Jena, a well known human rights activist ofOdisha.

An action plans were suggested tocontinue the satyagraha in various ways by involving the affected people,rights activists, civil society members, taking the issue in different levelsand platforms.

Among others who participated andspoke in each day are Swami Agnivesh, Prof Banwarilal Sharma of Azadi BachoAndolan, Amarnath Bhai, former president Sarva Seva Sangh, Jatish Bhai,Mumbai,Prafula Samntara,convenor of Lok Shakti Abhiyan, Rabi Das, president, OdishaJanasameelani, Er Lalitmohan Pattnaik of Odisha Nagarik Samaj, Umaballav Rath,leader of Vedant Viswavidyala Sangharsh Samiti.The entire dharana was well managedby Bijay Pradhan,the state convenor of Ekta Parishad and Sneha Mohanty, Kanhu Bhai, Basant Bhai, LenkaBhai, Dolli Apa, Nihar Bhai, Sandeep Mohanty.


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