Learning from Struggle

The backbone of every social thought and movement is the understanding of people with the campaign, and not the leader alone.

50 volunteers gathered in Morena on the 16th of June to express their support to the land issue dharna at the commissioners office. The day extra was to build up the capacities of these volunteer and help them understand the process behind social struggles.

Mr.Ransingh Parmar and PV Rajagopal spent the entire day with these volunteer hearing what had they learnt as a process and how do they plan to take the struggle forward in Morena,Shivpuri,Baaran and Sheopur.

This capacity building exercise capacitated the following components:
-Understanding the importance of non-violence
-Communicating with the government machinery
-Documenting the demands, being precise than being just subjective
-The art of instilling discipline
-Make leaders and be a animator


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