Indefinite Agitation for tribal and dalit land rights

The tribals and dalits of Morena and Sheopur districts of Champal region in MP are very much annoyed of the delay in solving their land rights problems. Hence, unless the government and administration take action to solve their problems by June 15th, Ekta Parishad is going to organize an indefinite agitation with thousands tribals and dalits for their land rights before the office of the Chambal Commissioner in Morena.

Though, Ekta Parishad has submitted relevant applications and memorandums to Tehsildar, District collector and Commissioner for action, several times. But due to inaction by the government on land rights problems of tribal and dalits, these victims are getting exploited and with the protection of administration the land mafias are threatening them and not vacating their land and making profit by cultivating the land. Tribal and Dalits, who had got the land entitlement before 10 to 15 years back, they have not physical possession over their land and their land had been grabbed by the muscle man.

The National Convener of Ekta Parishad Ran Singh reported that with reference to the letter F 161/2010 /728 dated 5th April, 2010 to MP government revenue and rehabilitation department, Vallabh Bhavan a special campaign was conducted to inquire about the transfer of tribal land to non-tribal and the time period was fixed for April 2011. Now the period of this campaign is over but the tribal did not get any possession over their land.

The MP High Court, Gwalior Bench direction dated 28-02-2008 in PIL 2646/2006 about the land issue of Sheopur district and reported that no action has been taken for execution of court direction. He is very upset about the matter and stated that in spite the High Court order to issue 4308 ownership rights, no action in this regard was done till today.

In Panwada village of Karahal Block of Sheopur, 54 hectare of land belonging to 34 are under the control of non-tribal people and involvement of administration and officials in illegal transfer of tribal land to non tribal has been proofed. Collector has passed anorder to registered the case against the culprits but no action were taken.

Similarly, 29 tribals were given entitlement in 1999 as per issue no 69 of Manpur village in Joura Tehsil, Morena district, but did not receive possession till today. In the same way, neither action taken against the officials found guilty of illegal transfer of 812.3 hectares of Bhoodan land spread over 32 villages of Morena district as per the order of the Collector in Charge in 2008-09, nor the land was acquired evacuating the settlers and distribute the same to landless tribals and dalits. 148 landless dalits from village Pathari in Joura Tehsil was given entitlement in 2002-03 but without possession until now.

If the government is not taking any decisive decision then, Ekta Parishad is going on for an indefinite agitation under the leadership of P V Rajagopal, the National President of Ekta Parishad at the commissioner head quarters of Chambal region from from 15th June 10’o clock onwards. This struggle is a matter of thousands of families and ownership/possession of about 1600 hectares of land.


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