Voice of the Voiceless Heard!- Morena Sit In

Over 500 Adivasis marched into the grounds of the commissioner office in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh to demand immediate resolution of disputed land cases in Morena and Sheopur on over 3000 acres of Land. These cases were ranging from Grabbing, Wrong Transfers and Entitlements.

The day started with Shri PV Rajagopal singing along with 500 people “Jai Jagat Pukare Ja” (Victory to the world), following a declaration to challenge the local administration if the voices were not heard in time. He said that this is not just about 500 people gathered here, its about a history of survival of 5000 people in Morena and Sheopur. What we see here is just what we have been able to know about, if two districts of Madhya Pradesh have 3000 acres of disputed land, imagine! how would it be throughout the country. Its about time we stayed quite. The Satyagraha in Morena is just a signal alarm , depicting the power of poor. We do not hold guns and are not supported by goons, but we have out bodies that will question the thirst, hunger and pain we suffer.

The day went on with Mr.Ran Singh Parmar, giving a detailed investigative report of exploitation, actions and follow-ups that should be undertaken by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. Several adivasis who have been experiencing pain shared their story in the presence of over 50 police men , surrounding the entire camp.

At around five in the evening Mr.A.K.Shivhare , Commissioner, Chambal Division arrived at the protest ground to hear and have a look at the demands of the group. He went through the memorandum handed over, and expressed that these cases are indeed of grave concern for the administration, and tribal rights are a primary focus of the government. All these cases he said will be immediately looked into, and appropriate action will be take in regards to:

Possession to patta holders
Land to be restored in the possession of the owner.
Distributing bhudan among the Sahariyas
Possession of land as per the guidelines of MP Land Act to the Sahariya- Adivasis have been given land, but this needs to be freed from the control of powerful people.

The campaign was also supported by network organizations of Ekta Parishad in Morena and Sheopur, along with eminent personalities from the region. Such as Subedar Singh, Mahesh Dutt Mishra, Yadunath Singh Tomar, Mukesh Bhai, KP Kushwah, Kali Maharaj and Mr.Pritam Singh Lodhi.

A more detailed report of event will be shortly available on http://www.ektaparishad.com


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