Jharkhand-Padyatra on FRA

On the occasion of world environment day 5 June 2011, EKTA PRISAD, Deoghar district had organized a Padyatra from Burhai Panchayat to Barawan Panchayat of Devipur block in Deoghar district of Santhal Pargana region, Jharkhand state.
The objective of this Padyatra is to know about the implementation status of forest right act 2006 and demanding the forest land entitlement by the Forest dwellers to sustain their livelihoods.
A team of 20 person from different Organization, media person, advocates and social worker had visited Kasuadih, Rajpura, Lamba,Bagraidih, Barawan , Naiyadih villages and discussed with the villagers about the Forest right act and its provisions for their entitlements. During the padyatra we counted that 175 forest dwellers from 6 villages, who are cultivating the forest land from more than 60 years.
During padyatra we saw that people are unaware about the provision of act and the process of the applying demand for the community forest and individual forest land entitlement. One forest worker met during the
Padyatra. We discussed with him about the implementation process of Forest right act and the Forest Right committee, but they said that the Forest Right committee has not been formed in the villages till now and as per the Government of Jharkhand ruling the tribal people are eligible to take forest land entitlement. The villagers do not know about the community forest entitlement so on one village is demanding for it.

We are forming a committee of forest dwellers in six villages and collecting the data and information of the implementation status of Forest right act in this area for the social audit and public hearing at state level for the advocacy with the state government.
We select three panchayat such as Burhai, Daranga and Tatkio panchayat of Madhupur and Devipur block of Deoghar district for the formation of Ekta prisad forest dwellers organization. So we selected 3 panchayat level workers respectively Mr. Ajad pandey from Burhai , Mr. Gangadhar Mondal from Daranga, Mr. Naresh mondal from tatkio who are working as cadre and they facilitating the villagers for their right and entitlement at Panchayat level .
During Padyatra the Jharkhand ruling paper on Forest right act had been distributed among the participant.
The Expenditure of the Padyatra was totally contributed by the forest dwellers, they collecting Money and Rice from each family and making food for all the Padyatri.
The forest dwellers are expecting help and guidance for Mapping of their land and claim for their entitlement.
Pradip Kumar Singh


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