Requesting for a dialogue on POSCO Project

Sunday, June 05, 2011


Mr.Naveen Patnaik

The Chief Minister



Sub: Requesting for a dialogue on POSCO Project.

Dear Naveen ji,

I have good memories of my meeting with you, at the end of my padyatra in 2003. You were kind enough to constitute a State Land Reforms Council on my request, and were progressing to introduce a program called “More Diha More Zameen”. As a result I have always looked at you, as a person with a deep concern for the poor and marginalized people in the society. Many of your friends in England keep remembering you with pride, and they always ask me to get in touch with you to resolve conflict between the state and the people.

I was closely watching the developments in the project area where POSCO was to acquire land. I have also visited the area to convince the local leaders, to sit across the table, with the government to find a solution, so that the farmers and poor people do not lose their land.

I understand through friends in Orissa, that the police force has moved into the area, and they have already arrested some local leaders, in order to facilitate the land acquisition for POSCO.

I am writing this letter to request you to hold this process for a while, and invite the local leaders for a dialogue so that a confrontation can be avoided.

I am willing to come down to Bhubaneshwar in case you desire so, to facilitate this process. In case you have no time Pyare Mohan Ji can represent you in this dialogue.

I hope you will take this request seriously and will continue to place yourself, as person committed to the poor and marginalized.

With thanks and regards

PV Rajagopal

Member- National Land Reforms Council


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