Letter to Prime Minister

Dr.Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister
Government of India
New Delhi

Sub: Regarding the National Land Reforms Council and formulation of the National Land Reforms Policy.

Dear Manmohan Singh Ji,

I am sure that you are informed that there are many agitations building up, violent and non-violent in tribal areas and also among farmers around the issue of control over land and livelihood resources by the community. Traveling through Orissa, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, one can realize that a large track of land is going for various so-called developmental activities, very often labeled as project of national interest.

In 2007, when you announced a National Land Reforms Council headed by yourself, I thought you will take serious measures to deal with the unrest that is building up in different parts of the country, by formulating a National Land Reforms Policy.

As a member of the council I am trying to reach out to as many places as possible to convince people, that the National Land Reforms Council will soon formulate a policy to address their problems. Unfortunately, in spite of my many letters and requests you have not found the time to call even one meeting of the council in three years time. This can be because you are pressed for time, or it can also be that your advisors have not really brought the gravity of the problem in front of you.

Kindly believe me, that the situation is really alarming. By allowing to continue this process the same way, we will be pushing many more districts of the country into conflict and violence.

Kindly do not leave the issue into the hands of bureaucrats alone. Your personal interest and involvement is the only way to resolve this larger problem that the country is facing today.

With thanks and regards

Member-National Land Reforms Council


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