Letter to Caroline Lucas

Dear Ms. Caroline,

During my trip to England last year, many of my friends told me about your good work, in support of the farmers and the landless. Since then I was thinking to write to you and congratulate you for your good work.

In India, I am involved in a land campaign, demanding a pro-poor land reforms policy from the government. In 2007 , 25000 people marched for a month to come to Delhi, again in 2012 , 100,000 people will be marching for month , covering a distance of 350 Kilometers to demand peoples control over land and livelihood resources, rather than transferring all resources to corporate houses.

I will be very happy if you can connect me to other parliamentarians of your kind, who will be willing to express solidarity in the Indian struggle. Let me also use this opportunity to invite you to India, during October 2012, to be a part of the long march.

with thanks and regards.

Ekta Parishad
House No.2/3 Block A
New Delhi-110014


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