Demands & Outcomes


Gandhi’s birthday, start of the Jansatyagraha from Ekta Parishad on Vimeo.

PV Rajagopal, Delhi, 27.09.2012 from Ekta Parishad on Vimeo.

Objectives of Jansatyagraha Campaign

  • A comprehensive National Land Reforms Act  and effective implementation and monitoring institutions to provide access to land and livelihood resources to the poor landless, homeless and marginalized communities
    •  In order to begin the process of land re-distribution to the poor landless and homeless (rural and urban), all available legislations, policies (Central laws as well as State laws) need to be compiled in a comprehensive framework and implemented in a time-bound manner.
    • Progressive recommendations made by various committees constituted by the Central and State governments on the issues pertaining to land that are pending for attention, should be seriously implemented
  • A legal provision should be made whereby women will have equal right over current land holdings of the family as well as new land entitlements that are distributed, and this should be done within the next plan period.Government should proactively ensure that women get all benefits that farmers are entitled. Single-women should ensure an independent title on priority basis.
  •  Natural resources like land, water, forests and minerals that provide sustenance livelihood to any group cannot be appropriated for other purposeswithout full prior informed consent. Even in an extra-ordinary condition when these resource are used for any other purpose after obtaining full priorinformed consent, it should be through a lease arrangement with the individuals and/or the community.
  • Non-implementation of pro-poor laws or violation of fundamental and legal rights pertaining to land, water, forests and minerals by administrative and other officials should be made a punitive offense.

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